Upskill In-House


The best way of learning about anything is by doing
Richard Branson


  • Want to do more digital marketing in-house but not sure where to start?
  • Already doing some social media and SEO in-house but need targeted, expert help to improve?
  • Want to improve in-house skills without requiring days out for training events?
  • Want training that provides immediate and direct benefit to current projects?


iMarketing can provide your staff with bespoke, highly targeted digital marketing training, covering a comprehensive range of social media, AdWords and SEO skills. Our approach to training is hands on, highly practical, and is delivered in the form of bite-size coaching sessions, with the focus on current projects. This approach maximises knowledge retention and builds skill and confidence within your team.

Here’s what makes iMarketing’s approach to digital marketing training uniquely effective:

  1. Bespoke

    We start by discussing your goals and can, if required, provide you with a bespoke plan before you begin your coaching. The level and frequency of sessions is completely flexible depending on your needs, starting from one session per month. The frequency of coaching can be increased up or down over time as your needs evolve.

  2. Personal

    Our coaching is delivered to the person(s) actually carrying out the work in-house, at times to suit them, either via a phone call or a Skype call, plus email. Where needed, your sessions are supplemented with written material and guides.

  3. Targeted

    Our digital marketing training is focused on the real projects and campaigns your staff are working on right now, either to get a campaign up and running or to make improvements to an existing campaign. This approach embeds knowledge at a deep level and provides immediate value to the business.

  4. Time Efficient

    There’s no need for your staff to be away from the office for hours or days on end, and no travel costs to find. Training sessions are slotted into the normal working day like any other meeting.

  5. Expert

    Our digital marketing training is provided by our most experienced staff, with over 17 years’ experience in the industry.


  6. If you’re interested in finding out more, explore our detailed training pages, or contact us…