Some SEO companies focus solely on improving your search rankings, which is a good first step – but it’s not the end game. Here at iMarketing, we look at the bigger picture and deliver to clients what they really want, which is visitors, sales and enquiries that will grow their business.

We take a 360-degree view of a client’s whole online presence:  how effective the website is, their social media, their online advertising and organic positioning. Then we think about where customers searching for your product or service are likely to look for you online – and how we can maximise your visibility in these areas. We will then recommend a combination of services, including SEO, Google Ads, social media, website enhancements and new copywriting to drive relevant traffic through to your site and close the deal when they get there.

The services we provide are often interlinked:

  • We can use intelligence gained from Google Ads results to fine-tune SEO strategy
  • The blogs that we write for SEO also provide good content to link through to from social media
  • We can use SEO and Google Ads together to obtain the visibility you require for a set of agreed keywords, in the most cost-effective way


When developing your strategy, we also look at your time priorities too, from the need for ‘instant’ traffic in the next couple of weeks, through to long-term strategies for content development to grow your online customer base over a period of years – and everything in-between.

As well as ensuring full integration between all the different elements of your digital marketing strategy, this approach is also extremely flexible and can be altered as the needs of your business change. Our aim is to evolve with you, adapting our service to your needs over time and expanding your campaign to suit your business goals.

Our approach to fully integrated campaigns also means we are the perfect choice of agency if you’re not yet quite sure which type of digital marketing you need. We can advise you on the full range of possibilities and talk you through the costs and benefits of different options, enabling you to make an informed choice for your business.

We can also provide training as required to enable your in-house team to co-manage campaigns, utilising your existing resources and minimising spend.