Website Development

  • Looking to build a new website but not sure exactly what you need or how to choose between the thousands of web developers out there?
  • Have an existing website that needs refreshing and making more Google-friendly, to increase visitors and improve rankings?


Wherever you are with your website journey, iMarketing can ensure that you get far more than simply a good-looking website. We provide an ‘SEO built-in’ approach to website development, ensuring that your new website not only looks appealing, up-to-date and easy to use for your potential customers, but is Google-friendly too, maximising your rankings and driving more traffic to your site. 

  1. First Website?

    Even if you only need a fairly small site, building it with SEO in mind from the start can make all the difference. We cover all the SEO that you can see on the page (keywords in headings, menus and text), and all the SEO that’s hidden behind the scenes but which could cost you valuable traffic and rankings if they’re not right (like metatags, duplicate content, broken links, junk pages and other technical issues).

    We start with thorough and wide-ranging keyword research that goes far beyond the ‘obvious’ keywords, helping to increase your traffic and give you a significant advantage over your online competitors. Then we help you to design your content around your keywords, from the way your menus and navigation are organised, through to writing optimised copy.

    Our approach is significantly different to many web development companies who may only do very basic keyword optimisation for a limited range of keywords, failing to maximise your rankings and, in some cases, storing up problems for the future.

  2. Website Refresh?

    Many companies who got their first website built over the past 15 years are realising that the internet has moved on drastically and that the strategies which may have got you good rankings a few years ago, now don’t seem to be as effective.

    As well as being highly keyword-focused, websites now need to include a range of specific features in order to compete effectively for rankings on Google, as well as matching the expectations of today’s consumers. In addition to all the regular SEO features (keyword-optimised content and metatags), we can help to ensure that your site is:

    Mobile responsive – To appear and behave correctly when viewed on small screen mobile devices, maximising your potential customer base.

    Integrated with active social media channels – such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

    Updated regularly – Regular, new content, focused around your keywords.

    Hosted securely – to protect you from a variety of online security threats.

    We can help you design your site to include all these features in a way which help to drive more traffic to your site and a higher level of sales and enquiries.

  3. Not Sure What You Need?

    The key to successful website development is to have a clear picture of what needs doing before you begin. We work with you – before any development starts – to help you gain clarity on where you are and where you could be, and what your business really needs from a website.

    Additionally, to help identify your development goals,  iMarketing can carry out an SEO audit of your current website and, optionally, of some of your key online competitors. This type of audit can be carried out for a one-off cost, with no obligation to proceed to a development project with us.

  4. If you’re looking for a website with SEO built-in, contact us today for a no-obligation chat about your requirements.