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Web analytics

When you understand how visitors are using your site it is easy to see where improvements can be made to keep them on your important pages longer.

We can provide traffic analysis reports, which show very detailed information on your visitor’s behaviour. Using data from Google Analytics we will show you the pages people visit on your site, how they found you, the keywords they typed in, the length of their visit, where they leave your site and much more.

This service provides many benefits. It enables you to track the results of both online and offline marketing campaigns to measure the value of everything you are doing.

The results of search engine optimisation, social media and pay per click campaigns can be analysed in detail to discover which phrases are generating the conversions.

Email newsletter click throughs can be tracked to see which messages customers respond to and when.

Click throughs from paid listings on web sites and directories can be measured to determine the cost per click. This includes services such as Yell.com and other paid directories.

Feedback from the reports can be used to focus your marketing budget on the areas that are working.

Additionally we can show you the areas of your site, which are performing well, and make suggestions for areas that are losing visitors. This process of analysis and fine-tuning means over a period of time, your site conversion rate will be higher as visitors stay longer on your important pages.

Traffic analysis reports can be carried out regularly, or as a one off as required. Reports are customised to individual client requirements.

For more information on our traffic analysis service please contact us.