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Website audits

We provide detailed website audits, to identity problems with your current campaigns and solutions to achieving more from SEO, Adwords and social media.

These can include the following:

  • Review of existing organic rankings held by your site and choice of target keywords. Suggestions will be made on whether the list could be improved or expanded upon and the work required to achieve your ranking objectives. 
  • Technical audit of your site reviewing issues such as slow page loading speeds, broken links, 404 errors, pages or content that are prevented from being indexed, or pages which have long file names.
  • Homepage review – including length of text, insertion of keyphrases, meta data and alt text. 
  • Landing page content – review of keyword prominence, frequency and density in the text of the other main site pages.
  • Duplicate content issues caused by repeating sections of text across multiple site pages and how much of a problem these are causing.
  • H1 and meta data review of all site pages ensuring these are correctly optimised for your target keywords to find issues such as duplicate or missing meta data or tags which are too long. This is provided as an overview rather than specifying replacement tags for all pages, however a list of pages that require work will be included within the report. 
  • Review of your blog – including style and regularity of content, whether this could be better optimised, keywords used in outbound link text. 
  • Review of links to the site, looking out for potential issues such as multiple links from the same site and links from poor quality sites. A report of links to remove will be supplied if applicable.
  • Analysis of competitor strategies (including on-site content, backllinks, brand mentions and social media) for sites that rank in the top ten for your keyword targets.
  • Full Adwords audit.